[Pharo-project] a thought for Finder

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Sun Aug 19 03:23:50 CEST 2012

Just a thought on my personal usage of Finder (in Pharo 1.4).

I find the majority of my use of the <Choose Packages> button in Finder 
is continually filtering on the same subset of packages. This subset may 
be different for different contexts that I am working in, but within 
each context it is fairly consistent.  For instance, if I'm looking at 
the internals of Alexandre Bergel's Roassal package, then I am always 
choosing all of those packages. 

Further, I never seem to find myself using the <All packages> button.  I 
seem to always just open a new Finder since I usually haven't finished 
with the "Roassal" one and this is quicker than later again filtering on 

My proposal is that the two buttons <Choose Packages> and <All Packages> 
be replaced by a pull down list for which the first two items would be 
the same as the buttons it replaces, plus my saved "context package 

cheers -ben

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