[Pharo-project] New Text Completion suggestions

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Aug 23 09:20:08 CEST 2012

1. In Pharo if you expand a keyword message like #replaceAll:with:
   the cursor is set already to the first argument (so one can continue 
   typing) but to enter the second argument one has to move left using
   arrow keys "manually".
   How often you have to move left is dependent on the size of the 
   second word part of the message selector. Why not just TAB to set 
   the cursor to the next argument. 

2. What I also really miss compared to other IDE's for completion 
   are "custom completion templates". So in Eclipse by default 
   there is a "sysout" template. It's enough to write "sys" 
   and by expanding this ends up in 


   where the cursor is already between the double quotes
   to continue typing.

   The templates can be defined using placeholders and TAB
   brings you to the next one to be filled out.

   This video demonstrated this (at around 4:20):

3. AFAIK VisualWorks is modified to also have "non-Smalltalk" code
   on methods - so you can store resources on methods and the 
   editor can be different depending on content type.   

   I would like to see Pharo having a similar feature to better
   support non-Smalltalk content within the image.
   So one can imagine a styled CSS editor for Seaside resources
   with CSS tag completion, XML editor with completion depending 
   on XSL type definitions, SQL editor with completion, ...

   Not that we should support all these completion types/grammars
   but at least have an open framework to plugin such mechanisms
   in custom editors/completions.
I know this is a lot of work ... but as a suggestion we should
discuss if this is a direction we want to go (or just have a 
good Smalltalk editor/completion).


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