[Pharo-project] happy new year plus cogdroid news

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 19:10:31 CET 2012


Alain Rastoul wrote:

> I also wanted to mention that I started the first day of this year trying
> Pharo on an android tablet (sony) with my develoment image (Pharo 1.3 with
> lot of stuff loaded : seaside, glorp, dbx, moose fuel and more) and it was
> really nice ...

Thanks Alain for trying it out. More user experience means better
feedback for further code improvement.

> - keyboard improvements : no way to get alt or ctl key working so far

Some code for keyboard support has been written since, but maybe it
was not included in the pre-generated apks. Once I add more features,
I'll release another apk. And sources (on gitorious) are always there
for those wanting to mess with Android build tools ;)

> - new theme for tablet (bigger fonts, bigger scrollbars etc) (I started to
> look at this)

Yes, this would be nice to have. And take a look at Honeycomb/ICS:
maybe some ideas may be learned from their GUIs. The new trend seems
to be to expose additional controls somewhere on the screen once the
context for them is right * (e. g. when a downloaded file is selected
by touching, icons to delete or share it appear somewhere). Also see
the new gmail web interface.

> - new smalltalk tools : browser, finder inspector (I will try a small
> Glamourous browser )

It would be nice if a smaller base Pharo image could be built such
way, so it could be embedded with VM and distributed together.

> - reduce cpu usage (suspend/awake  pharo process ? )

I think Android takes care of it itself: once an application is
invisible it is suspended automatically. Or did you notice any
performance degradation?

> - interface to android content providers (audio, video, calendar data etc)

Working on it ;) In fact, there is a (partial) interface to the intent
system, so a home screen shortcuts can be added to start CogDroid with
given image and startup arguments. Reading from Android clipboard has
been committed to the HEAD (but there is no support via context menu

Thanks again.

* That is, when e. g. a text edit box is active, items of the context
menu appear somewhere on screen. Maybe halos could be revived with
this new meaning?

Dimitry Golubovsky

Anywhere on the Web

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