[Pharo-project] Refactor class > Accessors not working for instvars with leading numeric

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Fri Jan 6 16:34:49 CET 2012

For the following accepted class definition (so presumably leading zero 
is a valid instance variable name),
from the menu selecting   "Refactor class > Accessors"
fails with "Error: End of statement list encountered

EpcimIdentifiedObject subclass: #EpcimBaseVoltage
    instanceVariableNames: '0nVoltageLevel'
    classVariableNames: ''
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'IEC61970-Core'

If I take away the leading zero on the instance variable it works okay.  
I can get by with it not working but wondered whether I log a bug report 
or am I doing something wrong?  I do want to keep the leading zero 
because I am using it to mark the multiplicity of associations (eg see 
BaseVoltage/Voltage down the bottom of [1]). 


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