[Pharo-project] Process questions about configurationOf….

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Jan 7 17:25:00 CET 2012

> Some questions out of curiosity since I'm not yet involved in publishing any packages
> Is there some way to tag for the submitter to be emailed the Jenkins results?  Perhaps a method like 'emailJenkinsResultsTo:' inthe configuration or alternatively Jenkins might unzip the mcz to directly search the ".st" files for a specific string.
> As I understand it, the ConfigurationOfXXX contains information on multiple versions and multiple platforms.  Thinking ahead to when there is a MetaRepoForPharo14, are there any concerns keeping two versions of ConfigurationOfXXX in sync between the two repos?  For example when an application releases a new version for Pharo13, do you only update the ConfigurationOfXXX in MetaRepoForPharo13? And do you then end up with further forks for ConfigurationOfXXX on other platforms?

the idea is that you should keep the master in your project and publish to the repository when you want to make
your configuration available.

> What about a single repository (if not the existing MetacelloRepository then perhaps MetaRepoCI), which Jenkins processes and then if that single file works for Pharo13 it is copied toMetaRepoForPharo13 and if it works for Pharo14 then it is copied to toMetaRepoForPharo14.  Other platforms can do the same.  That way the application developer has to manage a single location.

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