[Pharo-project] Now you can use Fuel with FileSystem

Nick Papoylias npapoylias at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 19:59:46 CET 2012

Hallo Francois,

The most stable package for distributed (or "remote" if you prefer)
computing is rST in http://squeaksource.org/rST/

at the moment this is your best bet.

I had provided some fixes in the past, but decided to experiment with a
smaller code base,
because *rST could not handle our heavy scenario*:

* Parametrize all programming tools in pharo with the notion of an
'environment' (local or remote)
* Distribute environments at will ;)

So I' ve been working on and off with rTalk in
http://squeaksource.org/rTalk/ (no custom VM or weirdies, works on top of
zinc) -- but it's still rough around the edges.


On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Francois Stephany <tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com
> wrote:

> That is awesome.
> Do you know where does Nick commit his code ?! Is it in usable state
> without too much preconditions (ie. no custom VM or other weirdies)?
>  Not exactly the same, but just to show you, in ESUG 2011 I showed how I
>> could serialize a living debugger from one image, open it in another
>> one, and continue debugging from there...having the state and
>> everything. Then I also showed how I can save the state when an error
>> happens (PharoDebug.fuel in addition to PharoDebug.log) into a file and
>> debug it later on in the same or another image. In fact, Esteban
>> Lorenzano was trying that for a real app. Instead of sending logs the
>> client send a .fuel of the serialized context.
>> Dave Lewis said Fuel could be used for RemoteTask:
>> http://wiki.squeak.org:8080/**squeak/6176<http://wiki.squeak.org:8080/squeak/6176>
>> Nick Papoylias (PhD just next to my desk haha) is working with rST and
>> he may use Fuel as well for the serialization part. But not sure what he
>> will exactly do with rST. He have several things in mind like remote
>> debugging :)
>> Maybe someone has done something more. That's all I know.
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