[Pharo-project] SmallLint

Simon Allier simon.allier at inria.fr
Tue Jan 10 13:22:15 CET 2012


I'm working on SmallLint. I have several ideas for improving SmallLint:

The correction of some rules can be automated (eg Rule Unnecessary "= true" or Variable not reference) -> add transformation to these rules.

Some rules such as Spelling rules (eg comments Method: Checks for spelling errors in method comments., 7088 problems) are not very interesting and could be removed (or treated differently?)

Adding an indice of difficulty to correct the rule:
- Level of automation for the correction of the rule (automatic, semi-automatic, …).
- Scope of the rule (block, method, class …).

Other costs could be
- cost of applying (may be the rule requires to compute something else, or if a rule has 50000 hits, it generates an extra cost to analyze the results)
- cost of NOT applying the rule (if it could detect a bug and we don' t apply it ...)

Adding a manifest to manage/mark falses positive:
- one manifest (a class) by package.
- Manifest: exclusion of class/method of the package for rules or for all the rules.
- Exclusion of rules for the package.

One could also think on how to efficiently visualize the results of smallLint ...

Simon Allier

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