[Pharo-project] Design change possible with fast SSD's possible?

Guido Stepken gstepken at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 14 12:13:17 CET 2012


I am just reviewing some timing adjustments in Linux, which came neccessary
due to the tremendous speed improvements of SSD Raid, > 1 mio IOPS,
compared to fastest Barracudas disks with > 200 IOPS max.

IS there still a "Image" neccessary in Smalltalk then? Or has this former
"design approach" nowerdays rather significant disadvantages? (32 Bit,
hanging IO during sync, GC....)

Tnx, Guido Stepken
Am 13.01.2012 20:43 schrieb "Gastón Dall&apos; Oglio" <
gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com>:

> Congratulation for the team!!!
> A little comment, in the page of OpenDBX the name and link of DBXTalk are
> bad (SqueakDBX):
> http://www.linuxnetworks.de/doc/index.php/OpenDBX
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