[Pharo-project] Squeaksource Mirror Q&A

Gastón Dall' Oglio gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 22:40:31 CET 2012

Hello Johan.

> - Pharo 1.4 / ObjectAsMethodWrapper issues: The redirect package was
> written for 1.3, it uses ObjectAsMethodWrapper (i.e. method wrappers). I
> don't know why ObjectAsMethodWrapper (apparently) is no longer in 1.4 but I
> would highly recommend including it as it is a very useful package. I
> thought even the profiler used it. In any case, I welcome any contributions
> on how to make it work for 1.4

In Pharo-1.3-13315 (stable) haven't ObjectAsMethodWarapper. Then in 1.3 and
1.4 evaluate this and get mirror working:

Gofer new
url: 'http://dsal.cl/squeaksource/ObjectsAsMethodsWrap';
package: 'ObjectAsMethodWrapper';
url: 'http://dsal.cl/squeaksource/MonticelloRedirect';
package: 'MontiRedirect';

Maybe you can add this to HOW TO USE in http://dsal.cl/squeaksource

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