[Pharo-project] New IDE alternative (was Misc. newbie questions)

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 08:54:10 CET 2012

> Ah yes another thing which wouuld be nice to have something with one can
> understand without studying it for years and repeated tries. A simple
> way of building somewhat resembling GUI applications in Pharo/Squeak. Ah
> yes flame me that I do appreciate the fantastic Morph world. It's  so
> fantastic that just the developers can build a somewhat "usable"
> interface with it. Tell me about the "great" applicatons using Morph
> (anything besides yet another Browser please)

DrGeo: http://www.drgeo.eu/


> >
> > And yes, I am just as opinionated about my perceptions of the
> > deficiencies of Python, Clojure, Ruby, Eclipse, Netbeans, ...
> > Or my frustrations when using them.
> > I just don't go into those communities expecting them to shape their
> > favorite tool to my vision. I rather try to use their tools and
> > attempt to learn their values and ways, assuming they have reason and
> > purpose for their language and tools.
> Well at least you get an Editor with Eclipse and Netbeans. But yeah we
> don't need not stinking Editor.
> > The biggest problem is people visiting a community and believing they
> > have the right to speak into that community. If you want that right,
> > spend some time here. Develop community relations. Then in time you
> > earn that right to be heard.
> He has all the right to write what he wants. You have to cope with that,
> you can agree or disagree. That's up to you but you are not the ape at
> the door to prohibit his entry.
> >
> > I have limited rights to be heard here because I have been a part of
> > the Squeak/Pharo community for a long time. I have less rights than
> > others because I haven't contributed anything of consequence. Others
> > who have been here far less time but have contributed a lot more, have
> > greater rights.
> This is poor attitude. Just imagine Denis Ritchie would come here, with
> no experience of Smalltalk at all.  Wouldn't he have the right to state
> his opinion?
> Regards
> Friedrich
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