[Pharo-project] [squeak-dev] Smalltalk for small projects only?

Guido Stepken gstepken at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 29 00:47:07 CET 2012

Hi Dale!

Quite interesting. Good example for "declarative programming" is Mustache:


It generally makes cross platform programming easier! :-)

Have fun!

Guido Stepken

> Karl,
> I invite you to read Allen Wirfs-Brock's paper on "Declarative
> Disclaimer: I worked with Allen Wirfs-Brock in the nineties (engineer on
the Team/V team) while he was developing his ideas for Declarative
Smalltalk, so I am somewhat biased in my thinking:)
> My opinion that being able to build images from scratch (easily and
reproducibly) is a "requirement" to get in the door  for mainstream
projects... giving mainstream developers the opportunity to work in a
image-based environment will set them free:)
> Dale
> [1] http://www.smalltalksystems.com/publications/_awss97/SSDCL1.HTM
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