[Pharo-project] loading Seaside in Pharo 1.4

Philippe Marschall kustos at gmx.net
Sun Jan 29 23:14:52 CET 2012

On 29.01.2012 21:23, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:
> Hi,
> I loaded last version of seaside into a pharo 1.4 image.
> Everything looks working fine, but there a couple of fixes:
> 1)
> KomLogger>>#attachTranscript
> 	self detachTheTranscript.
> 	^(self streams detect: [:ea | ea isTranscriptStream] ifNone: [nil])
> 		ifNil: [self addStream: TranscriptStream new]
> "TranscriptStream" is not anymore on pharo and should be replaced with ThreadSafeTranscript

Are you using full Comanche or KomHttpServerLight? We moved to 
KomHttpServerLight because we involuntarily have to maintain it and the 
KomHttpServerLight code base is much smaller. KomHttpServerLight doesn't 
have the KomLogger class.

> 2) String>>#withBlanksTrimmed is deprecated, and now it should use #trimBoth

Who's sending this? I have no such senders (with KomHttpServerLight).

> how can I proceed to apply this fixes into seaside (without breaking other platforms)?

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