[Pharo-project] Morpheas , bringing Morphic to Opengl (3d GUIs)

dimitris chloupis thekilon at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 30 19:23:26 CET 2012

> I am not proposing to help with coding your actual project,
> i just providing a support for
> NativeBoost and NBOpenGL, in case if you choose them to use.

I did not say that. I thought you thought I was asking for help with the coding. 

Yeap that exactly what I asked from you, support on NB and NBOGL , mainly documentation and potential bug fixes. Thats all. 

> It is not insanity. My first small project when i joined squeak community were

> GLCanvas, so i am also kind of infected with weird ideas of
> implementing a novel UIs
> using opengl and smalltalk.
> But road is long, and needs to be walked.. and waking with party is
> much easier and fun.

I realise that , however I have a very specific vision of what I want to achieve. I am doing this only on the grounds of enjoyment and not end result. But If I can found people with their own vision and with a similar path to mine, I have no issue to join forces with them. Actually several people seem to want a port Morphic to OGL and I am already with communication with them via #squeak at freenode.net (currently there are 3 of us) so yes I welcome it as an option to have a high level of cooperation on the subject.  I hope this thread to be a motivation for all of us OGL to join code. On the other hand thats not up to me only ;)

> right now, most of it on http://code.google.com/p/nativeboost/w/list
> we're also writing a book chapter about it,
> https://gforge.inria.fr/scm/viewvc.php/*checkout*/PharoByExampleTwo-Eng/Alien/alien.pdf?root=pharobooks
> which is work in progress.

ah lovely , of course I am aware of your wiki but I was not aware of the PBE chapter and the on-board reference.

> thanks for valuing my effort :) but frankly my opinion about my work is not that high

Well maybe my project and other projects that will use NBOGL will change your mind one day ;) 

I will back with further questions
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