[Pharo-project] What did you guys do to startup-time ?

Miloslav.Raus at cuzk.cz Miloslav.Raus at cuzk.cz
Thu Nov 8 16:00:46 CET 2012

Who snuffed the poor guy ? I don't know what magic (yea, i know, not just one magic, bunch of magix really ;-) you did but ... I downloaded Pharo 2.0 to give it a whirl (I love smalltalk and keep playing with it / write an app in it every once in a while), unzipped it, doble clicked the binary and the window jumped me so fast i nearly fell of my chair (a positive WTF moment ;-).

And not just old Mr. Startup Time, you killed Lady Delay too. I remember squeak / older pharo versions feeling a bit sluggish (a slight delay between clicking and the menu popping up / whatever), but now it is blazing fast.

Just saying "Great work" would be an understatement / denigration.

* rausm deeply bows in silent awe
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