[Pharo-project] New Change System

Ezequiel Lamonica lamonicaezequiel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 17:10:55 CET 2012

Hi guys,

We are working on a New Change
In this link you can see the project.

It uses Pharo 2.0.
There are some little bugs related to refactors which we are solving.

Some features:

- Semantic changes
- Tracking in real time
- Undo/redo of every change
- Select a snapshot and redo changes from it to the end. So, if your image
is broken, you can open the image again, open the change browser, select
the last snapshot and right click -> redo changes. That's all.
- Change browser with filters and a tree view for compound changes like
refactors, class removals, etc
- Diff view to see the impact of a change in the time when it was created

To open the change browser:
open the world menu -> tools -> Change Browser

Try it and give me your feedback.

Here you are the gofer script:

*Gofer new*
*smalltalkhubUser: 'EzequielLamonica' project: 'NewChangeSystem';*
*package: 'Changes';*
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