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NISHIHARA Satoshi goonsh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 14:46:27 CET 2013

Dear Stéphane Ducasse san, and Pharo guys all.

thank you for interesting "FluidSynth goes to Pharo 2.0." work in
progress. it is still unfinished... orz

"description begin"
'FluidSynth goes to Pharo 2.0.' packages are plugin for FluidSynth and
GUI and others.
FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont
2 specifications.

'FluidSynth goes to Pharo 2.0.' packages will be a sub-package of the
Khoros package handling audio and midi.
requires other MIDI packages (events, files, objects, playing process, etc) *1.
*1: FluidSynth has own midi file player. but this packages don't use it.
"description end"

first, Squeak has a useful SimpleMIDIPort, but we can't use any
software synthesizer with/through it. There is no CoreMIDI. so i made
a PortMidiPlugin(++) for Squeak (OSX). after it, "There's Something
About Pharo 2.0".
thereafter i wanted a handy midiport without any external software
synthesizer, and found FluidSynth.

i only wanted handy and 'simple' midiport for playback or testing, but
FluidSynth profound. for example, it supports  microtonal. we can use
just intonation, meantone temperament, or other alternative tunings...

... this package became huge across expectation. 46 classes (4 traits)
have instance methods 832, class method 327 (selectors counting). but
the simplest use requires one FluidSynthInterface class only. of
course fluidsynth library and FluidSynthPlugin must be placed for VM.

well, there is no special widgets. VolumeKnobMorph is a subclass of
PluggableSliderMorph simply. morph of VU meter is a subclass of
AlignmentMorph with custom drawOn:, drived by a model descendant of

after all or as an interim report, it may be that i'll commit to
public code-repository, such as umezawa san's SqueakSourceJ
(http://squeaksource.blueplane.jp/), ss3, sh, or so.

PortMidiPlugin and FluidSynthPlugin have no platform sources.
(PortMidiPlugin++ is for OSX only)


will Pharo 2.0 official come with new clean changes?
Pharo-20468.image: 29.1 MB
Pharo-20468.changes: 31.1 MB

2013/1/13 Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr>:
> Dear Nishihara Satoshi
> I saw a tweet on fluidsynth and it that it is running on Pharo. It looks really nice.
> We would like to have a a news on it on the pharo web site.
> Could you provide a little text?
> BTW if you are creating widget that you think that missing in Pharo you can offer them to Pharo
> under MIT and we will maintain them and enhance them when we are building the new UI builder.
> Stef
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>> Hi guys
>> I aw a tweet on fluidSynth on Pharo2.0 and I **want** a news for the Pharo web site.
>> So what is FluidSynth :)
>> I want more than http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/fluidsynth/ :)
>> Stef

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