[Pharo-project] Please migrate to the new IRC channel #pharo

Damien Pollet damien.pollet at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 23:20:53 CET 2013

The IRC channel we're currently using is not registered with the freenode
infrastructure. It's also named #pharo-project instead of #pharo because at
the time there was a PHP framework of that name. Since then, however, the
owner of #pharo transferred ownership to us.

It's not really a problem having the two channels (I think we can setup a
redirection from one to the other), but at least both should be registered.
Unfortunately, as long as there is anyone in #pharo, nobody can claim
ownership, make announces in the topic, etc

I think the best course of action is for regulars to start connecting to
both channels and to push discussions and lurkers to #pharo. I have changed
the topic on #pharo to that effect. Then at some point we'll have to
organize a synchonized emptying of #pharo-project so that we can claim
ownership :)

Damien Pollet
type less, do more [ | ] http://people.untyped.org/damien.pollet
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