[Pharo-users] the amazing Tools > Finder > Examples tool

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Mon Dec 31 12:04:49 CET 2012

Just wanting to relate a recent experience using Examples in the Finder, 
since this is a great tool that I didn't learn how to use for a long 
time.  I have just now again been pleasantly surprised and mildly amazed 
that it works a well as it does. Perhaps there is someone out there 
might gain from an introduction to its use...

I am creating a mouse-over popup using Rossal, for which I needed to 
format a string to a maximum width.  This is something I thought likely 
already done within the standard image but before rushing to the mail 
list to ask an old-hand where I might find it, I thought I'd just try...
1. World Menu > Tools > Finder
2. Choosing "Examples" from the pull down menu.
3. In the search-input-field typing:    'abcdef' . 3 . 'abc', String cr 
, 'def'
4. Clicking the <Search> button.

which gave me one result String>>withNoLineLongerThan:
that was exactly what I needed.

You will notice that the search input field is an array of three items:
* 'abcdef' - this first item is the receiver of the message
* 3 - middle items are parameters to the message
* 'abc', String cr , 'def' - the last item is the message-return-value

The really cool part of this is being able to construct the 
message-return-value as an expression, to place a newline 
carriage-return where I would expect it to appear. 

cheers -ben
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