[Proland-info] researching Proland

Eric Bruneton ebruneton at free.fr
Dim 18 Nov 17:05:13 CET 2012

17/11/2012 21:53, William Temple wrote:
> Hello,
> The search for a useful and adequate game terrain engine has finaly
> brought me to your website and application.
> I believe that your application is everything I am looking for as the
> base for an educational game I am trying to develop.
> At this time I am downloading the source and documentation to begin my
> investigation but, I have a few questions for which I have not found any
> answers on your website.
> I would like the ability to have tunnels. Will I be able to include some
> coding to allow me to build tunnels through the mountains?

There is no support for this and implementing it would probably require 
a lot of work. I don't even have a precise idea of which method could be 
used for that.

> As part of the experience I would like the children to "ride a bus"
> through the country side as they explore various places through out the
> world. Will I be able to code an animated sprite to travel along the
> roads built from with your application?
> I had looked at KDE's Marble project because it would allow me to place
> a marker which in turn would open an information screen with the
> additional ability to open a Wiki, to allow the traveler to learn about
> the particular place. Will I be able to include such a marker?

This mainly depends on your coding skills... What I can say is that 
there is no builtin support for all of this. Proland is not a game 
engine (no networking, no physics, no AI, no sound etc), not even a 
complete render engine (no support to load meshes from modelers, etc). 
It's "only" a research prototype and using it for a real project 
involves a lot of work.

> Finally I attempted to subscribe to the mailing list but it only allowed
> an option to get mail in French and unfortunately my skills in reading
> French is very limited. Is there a subscription page for those of us
> limited to English?

This should be in English: 

Best regards,

Eric Bruneton

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