[Proland-info] more questions

William Temple whtemple1959 at gmail.com
Lun 19 Nov 13:43:53 CET 2012


I have down loaded your source trunk from the svn site and I have more

I should probably admit at this time that I am not a programmer and do
struggle with the the details of what I am learning on my journey. So,
please forgive my misuse of terms and my failures to adequately explain my

As I study the art of programming in C++ I have found that usually even
with premade tutorials I seem to put files in wrong folders and other
failures. I am struggling to figure out how to make your program work.

I am inclosing a pdf of my file structure in hopes that you can decipher
what I need to fix.

Furthermore I am interested in learning about a commercial license for your
product and what it provides.

Thank you,
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