[Proland-info] Question about how to compile the Proland project and the configuration for the Demo project.

Bo Haiguang bohai_3s at 163.com
Lun 22 Juil 08:39:56 CEST 2013

Dear proland-group:
I am a student who have a strong intersti on globe rendering. Since I found your vidio of the Earth's realistic simulation on Youtube, I was attracted by your marvelous project. And I have download the sourcecode of this project, and willing to compiling it with Codeproject. Cause I am not very familiar with this IDE, it is a little diffcult for me to compile it all by myself without any guide. So I am wondering are there any way to compile this project with other IDE, such as Visual Studio or Makefile? And if it is the only way to compile the proland project on Codeproject, are there any guide about how to make it?
Best wishes for you!
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