[Proland-info] how to compile the Proland

lingwei chen chow829 at gmail.com
Mar 23 Juil 10:03:17 CEST 2013

   I'm a student working on planet simulation,and Your
 project does a very wonderful job about this.
I have already opened the project with code::blocks, but I couldn't
compile it correctly. there is some errors as follows:
(1)'getMaxLayers' is not a member of 'ork::Texture2DArray'
(2)'class ork::Program' has no member named 'getUnifoms'
(3)ld.exe cannot find  -ltiff;ld.exe cannot find  -lpthread;ld.exe
cannot find  -lork3d;
Besides,I cannont run any of the demos.
Can you give me some suggestions,I am looking forward to your early

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