[Proland-info] How to compile the program?

Eric Bruneton ebruneton at free.fr
Sam 8 Juin 18:15:31 CEST 2013

06/06/2013 09:36, ЦЦ wrote:
>      Hi, there!
>      I'm a student working on ocean simulation and rendering. Your
> project does a very wonderful job about this, so I want to do something

If you want to look at the ocean simulation/shaders only, you can use 
the demos here: http://evasion.inrialpes.fr/~Eric.Bruneton/ which are 
much smaller, and should be easier to compile and run.

> on your platform. I have downloaded the source code, and tried to run
> the program. I could open the project with code::blocks, but I couldn't
> compile it correctly. I wonder if it works with the Linux or Unix while
> I'm doing it on Windows? Besides, I can't understand the relationship
> among the openGL ,ork and proland? Is it necessary I compile the ork
> project first? I want to do some research about the shallow water areas,
> can you give me some suggestions? I didn't find much information about
> proland, if there's a forum about this? Can you tell me a website? Thank
> you very much!

the website is http://proland.inrialpes.fr/

> Yours Sincerely,
>                                                                                                             Vera
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