[Proland-info] Land Class and Mesh for Proland

Oleg K. Sereda ur67393 at rambler.ru
Lun 2 Sep 14:42:24 CEST 2013

Hello. My name Oleg, I`m from Ukraine. I`m not english and english not my
language- pardon if mistake in my message.______ At first thank for Your
beautiful 3D graf engine Proland, it like me for start. At my opinion Proland
need at better land class and more detailed mesh._______ In to network placed
"Slartibarfast" land class utility(Author is Jim Keir) which compiled bgl files
of land class for "Microsoft flight simulator" automagically(!!!) at images(!!!),
look it here: http://www.jimkeir.co.uk/FlightSim/Autogen/index.html By the way,
Jim Keir have own site with own demo Slartibarfast bgl lc-
http://www.jimkeir.co.uk/FlightSim/ As i know Slartibarfast good compiled of
beach and pools, and I think his Slartibarfast utility may be quite good for
Proland if converter will. Notice, for compiled of correct lines beach and pools
will need only FW maps, and it may be will quite good for Proland lc. For example
look at Norwegian lc images which Slartibarfast compiled:
http://fotoscenery.com/prosjekt_trondelag_english.htm . I think such good results
will quite good for Proland, isnt`it? =).______ Next, You may be know about 3D
Studio Max(G-Max) method of correct mesh generation at maps too(as example I know
this method
Satellite dates have many "noises", and if use correct FW topographical maps and
G-Max with Slartibarfast) at finish will mesh and land class better, isn`t it? :)
_____I.e. at second- I submit for Proland use Slartibarfast utility(converter for
Proland need) and 3DStudio Max(G-Max) methods of compiled of virtual voxel
ground. I not programmer and I can not write converter for Slartibarfast and 3D
Studio Max(G-Max), I have only ideas now, and Proland very interest to me, it
seriously. ____What do You think about my suggestions, what Your opinion? May I
to know Your answers? If You can- please answer to me. Thank You in advance.
Thats all, no questions now. Best Regards! Sincerely,

Oleg K. Sereda. Good luck!
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