[Proland-info] some Ork's interface is not exist in Proland

ai yanlongzhizhi at 163.com
Sam 28 Nov 03:43:29 CET 2015

dear team
               thanks for your reading.
               I am a student from China and be looking for some help from you. at this time I am doing my reasch on Out-Of-Core Terrain Rendering and your Proland is so amazing that I can learn too much technology from it.
               but when plant it's code to VS and try to compile it I find there are some functions or interfaces disappear owing to Ork library version changement, such as Texture2DArray::getMaxLayers(), Program::getUniforms() and SceneManager
               ::getWorldCoordinates(int position_X, int position_Y). just like this:
                Texture2DArray::getMaxLayers() is not exist in Ork,   this located in core/ui/twbar/TweakSceneGraph.cpp, 341 line,
                 Program::getUniforms() is not exist in Ork, this located in core/producer/GPUTileStorage.cpp, 176 line
               SceneManager::getWorldCoordinated() is not exist in Ork, this located in core 's sample helloworld.cpp, 146, 147 line.
               as you can see, Ork version 3.1 had delete this method which Proland still use
               I think the only one way to resolve the problem is to get the right version of Ork which contain interfaces listed above.but I can ony find version 3.1 on your mian web without any older version
              so, would you please give my a right version of Ork library or some other solution? your help will be appreciated.
              best regards

             yanlongzhizhi at 163.com

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