[Proland-info] Proland usage on AMD graphics card

Eric Bruneton ebruneton at free.fr
Dim 6 Sep 15:55:36 CEST 2015

01/09/2015 23:24, Jones, Steve wrote:
> Hi!
> I ran across your library recently.  I knew about that other one,
> Outerra, but they don’t have an API yet.  We use Vega Prime for some
> in-house flight simulators but it is licensed.  It gets worse when we
> want to use world-wide data as they charge even more for their terrain
> server.  I want a free solution to render the world, even if low
> resolution.  Our IR&D budget is not large for something like this.  I
> have been looking at as many solutions as I can.  osgEarth from
> OpenSceneGraph and even FlightGear, which some people already use.
> One of your web pages states it may not work with graphics cards other
> than NVidia.  I can confirm I get shader errors when trying to start a
> demo on my PC that uses an AMD Radeon HD 7000.  Most of our ground
> stations use NVidia, though. But the cards are Quadro 2000 and K2200.
> We have some systems sporting K4200 but not many.
> So I am guessing there still isn’t a solution for non-NVidia graphics
> cards, right?

Right, compatibility across graphics cards is problematic despite the 
OpenGL specification. We tried to address some of the compatibility 
issues but since this is a research project, we didn't and still don't 
have time to fully solve this problem.

> I have another question.  With some work can the modules be used by
> themselves, such as the ocean and/or atmosphere?  I imagine I need to
> provide rendering.

You can start from the standalone atmosphere and ocean demos here: 

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