[Scotch-announces] Scotch 5.1 is out!

François PELLEGRINI francois.pellegrini at labri.fr
Lun 8 Sep 19:27:41 CEST 2008

We announce  the  release, as  libre/free software,  of revision 5.1  of the
SCOTCH  and  PT-SCOTCH  software  package  and  library  for  sequential and
parallel  graph  partitioning,  sequential mesh/hypergraph  partitioning and
static mapping, and sequential and parallel sparse matrix block ordering.

Important features

PT-Scotch  now provides  an interface  for parallel  graph  partitioning and
static mapping. At the time  being, target architectures other than complete
graphs, whether weighted or not, are  not taken into account, such that only
parallel graph partitioning is available, not  full parallel static mapping.
Parallel static mapping will be available in a future release.

Parallel graph partitioning is performed  to date by the  means of recursive
parallel  graph bipartitioning, not direct k-way partitioning.  PT-Scotch is
therefore slower  than direct parallel  k-way partitioners,  yet yields high
quality partitions.

What is SCOTCH

SCOTCH is a project carried out at the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en
Informatique (LaBRI) of the Universite Bordeaux I.
It is part of project ScAlApplix  of INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest. Its goal is
to apply graph theory, with a ``divide and conquer'' approach, to scientific
computing problems  such as graph  partitioning,  static mapping, and sparse
matrix ordering.

How to get SCOTCH

Scotch can be freely  downloaded, under  the terms of the  CeCILL-C license.
To ease the development, diffusion, and circulation of information regarding
the SCOTCH project, most of its resources  are now hosted on the InriaGforge
platform provided by INRIA. Please refer to the SCOTCH web page at :


for more information. People interested in the SCOTCH project are welcome to
subscribe to the "scotch-announces" mailing list at :


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