[Simgrid-user] simgrid capabilities

Leland Hovey lhovey at ecs.syr.edu
Fri Jul 15 22:49:25 CEST 2005


I'm trying to develop a concise and complete summary of the major
simgrid capabilities (for 2.95).  I've gotten the following questions from
papers with references to simgrid.

1. Could someone explain what are the current simgrid features
facilitating the right models and level of abstraction for studying
Grid-based scheduling algorithms and generating correct and accurate
simulation results.  I've seen the toolkit components diagram but I'm
unsure how they apply precisely.

2. Is it difficult to build a distributed application using SG but easier
to build one with MSG?

3. Have programmers expressed a high level of expertise is required to use
the data structures?

L. Hovey

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