[Simgrid-user] Regarding task simulation

M Vivekananda Reddy m_reddy at da-iict.org
Sun Jun 5 08:15:25 CEST 2005

Hi ,

I am using MSG. I want to model an application(like MPI) which has
'n' number of tasks which communicate with each other.

The amount of work that a task has to be done can be provided in
Mflops i.e, the computaion size of the task. But I am not able to
find out how to attach to the task, the amount of communication it
has to do with others.

There is an attribute under the master tag in the example deployment
 file for the MSG commented as "communication size of tasks". But I
am not sure whether it is the communication the task does with other
or the communication cost required to move the task to a slave
machine form a master.

Please clarify regarding this.

Thanks in advance,

M Vivekananda Reddy
M.Tech Student,

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