[Simgrid-user] Questions for Simgrid

Zhang Yuanyuan yuanyuan at jaist.ac.jp
Thu Jun 16 02:51:15 CEST 2005

Dear Mr. Legrand,

            Sorry for bothering you again. I am a student in Japan.Now I am trying to use Simgrid for simulation. Thank you very much for your unselfish work!
             I have some questions about it: 
            1. In MSG, you provide a file named "surfxml.dtd" for platform description. Is there such file for creating tasks?
            2. In file "surfxml.dtd", I think you provide the function to input trace files for dynamic cpu availability, network bandwidth, and so on. Could you tell me what's the format for such trace files?(*.?)
            3. In the earlier versions of Simgrid, the prediction functions are provided in SG. Are there such functions in MSG in latest Ver. 2.94?

            I am looking forward to your reply! Thank you very much in advance!

            Best regards,

            Zhang, Yuanyuan

            School of Information Science,
            Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
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