[Simgrid-user] Memory callocation failed

Jens Gustedt Jens.Gustedt at loria.fr
Mon Nov 28 13:47:59 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

>>>>> ``Martin'' == Martin Quinson <martin.quinson at loria.fr> écrit:

    Martin> As Arnaud suggested, valgrind is the perfect tool to debug
    Martin> such issues.

LeakTracer would also be an easy-to-use alternative.

    Martin> What is your favorite language? The question holds for the
    Martin> other list subscribers: this is a poll to see what is the
    Martin> most wanted binding. Do you want at most to use SG from
    Martin> Perl, Java, Python, something else?

C++ ;-))

To be serious, when it comes to have a language binding for an
interpreted language, perl is a must.


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