[Simgrid-user] Get Host State

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Wed Sep 12 21:29:35 CEST 2007

On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 09:06:09PM +0200, Arnaud Legrand wrote:
> Hi,
> Today Pablo Yabo wrote:
>> I´m using MSG and I need to know the state of each host, I mean if the 
>> host
>> is busy or is completely free of tasks.
> If there is a process engaged in a communication, does it count as a
> task ? Would it be ok to get the number of process running on this
> machine ? What if all process running on this machine are suspended
> (does that mean the machine is free of tasks) ?

hehe, simple question, complicated answer. Here is Arnaud... Arf.

Ok, seriously. IMHO, I think that the problem comes from the fact that
you Pablo are not a user anymore. If you are to develop a tool to
vizualize MSG, you're not user anymore, but developer. 

If so, you'd better load some private header of simgrid and directly
dig into the data structures. But you still shouldn't modify the
internal, only read them...

Bye, Mt.

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