[Simgrid-user] SURF: Using GTNetS and network action delays

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Sat Jul 12 10:35:08 CEST 2008

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 06:36:37PM +0200, Kurt Vanmechelen wrote:
> The SimGrid configure script correctly finds the GTNetS headers and  
> libraries but the SimGrid build process seems to choke on a missing 
> header :
> java/jmsg.c:21:38: error: jmsg_application_handler.h: No such file or  
> directory
> java/jmsg.c: In function 'Java_simgrid_msg_Msg_deployApplication':
> I could not find that header anywhere in the repository. Do you still  
> have to add it ?

Malek is working on this; I guess he forgot something in the process.
I saw that he commited some more stuff since your mail, so you should
try again. If it does not the trick, try an older version, something
like one week ago.

I'm sorry, I cannot check myself because the gforge site seems to be
down, once again. They are working on upgrading the service, but it
does not get really smoothly.

Bye, Mt.

Dans un pays d'extrême droite, tu dis pas non a tout bout de champ, ou alors
au bout du champ de tir.     -- Frères misère
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