[Simgrid-user] SURF: Using GTNetS and network action delays

Arnaud Legrand arnaud.legrand at imag.fr
Tue Jul 15 10:09:30 CEST 2008


Kurt Vanmechelen wrote:

> The GTNetS libraries were built on a Intel Quad Core Q9550 64bit using 
> gcc 4.3. Due to the fact that 4.3 has cleaned up some header 
> dependencies (see http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.3/porting_to.html; C++ 
> section), I had to add includes for e.g. <cstring> and <cstdlib> in the 
> following files :
> application-aodv.cc
> application-sn.cc
> application-webserver.cc
> args.cc
> memreuse.cc
> nixvector.cc
> routing-nixvector.cc
> timerbuckets.cc

If you still have the corresponding patch, could you send it to us. That 
way, we could include it to the previous ones as a special gcc-4.3 patch...

> Aside from this the library built just fine.




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