[Simgrid-user] Future of router tag ?

Arnaud Legrand arnaud.legrand at imag.fr
Thu Oct 8 10:16:02 CEST 2009

Hi Laurent,

  sorry for the delay.

Pedro Velho a écrit :
> I think the only sure thing about router tag today is that it is not
> able to execute tasks. I don't think it is assumed that they separate
> boundaries between different administrative domains. The idea of using
> them as zone boundaries it is to be implemented somehow, for now, I
> think the best guess is the cluster tag.
> On Mon, 2009-09-21 at 16:16 +0200, Laurent Bobelin wrote:
>> I'm now developing an applet in order to visualize platform files, and  
>> I'm wondering if it is planned to add attributes or whatever values to  
>> it, or if it is supposed to stay just a  tag that reflects real  
>> architecture. I'm wondering it because sometimes you can declare links  
>> that, from a graph point of view, are in fact hyperedge. If nodes (so,  
>> routers) are not supposed to contain additional informations, then I  
>> can simply represents hyperedges links as nodes. If it is supposed to  
>> contain information in the future, then I should use "real" hyperedges  
>> to represent it. Any idea ?

At the moment, nothing is planned for the router tag. Pedro use it in 
the GTNetS model and Lucas (that you probably met a few days ago) will 
use it for visualization purposes. If you feel that additional 
attributes would be useful, we can clearly do that. Adding attributes 
will not hinder Pedro and Lucas's developments since their code will 
simply ignore these attributes...

To sum up, we're open to propositions! ;)



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