[Simgrid-user] master/slave_HELP with graphic output!!!

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Fri Jan 15 23:29:54 CET 2010

Dear Alexey,

You are a bit too verbose on the mailing list. Please try solving your
problems by yourself before posting, and please ask only SimGrid related
questions (your "no such file or directory" is not SimGrid related, but
due to a bad usage of the linux system). You need a linux guru, and
that's not the topic of that mailing list.

You may want to check in the svn since I pushed a new example, using the
new mailbox interface instead of the old MSG_task_put/MSG_task_get
deprecated interface.

About Pajé, this call is ineffective since we didn't port our paje log
producer to version 3.2 and higher, IIRC. A new really better version is
underway and should land into the svn before the summer. Until then,
you'll have to use the text outputs, sorry.

I really hope you'll soon get at full speed on simgrid,

Le jeudi 14 janvier 2010 à 23:20 +0200, Alexey a écrit : 
> Hello my dear friends!
> Visualizing and analyzing the results:
> ./mslave platform.xml deployment.xml 2>&1 | ../../tools/MSG_visualization/colorize.pl
> when i press enter it says that no such file or directory. I try to write the whole root(home/elisseo/.....) but it still not working.
> who can help me. I want to see how my master/slave application is working.
> there is also MSG_paje_output(). It generates an input to Paje. who can tell how i can use it in mslave application?
> Thanks all!!!!!!
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