[Simgrid-user] Parsing problem on simgrid-3.5

Soumeya_leila Hernane soumeyaleila.hernane at loria.fr
Fri Jan 14 18:47:00 CET 2011

I tried the new stable version of Simgrid (3.5) and i got parsing problems with my xml files.Nevertheless, i executed 

simgrid_update_xml on my files, i got exception: 
Invalid XML (XML input line 6, state 29): Starting tag <process> is not allowed here. 
** SimGrid: UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION received on (0): category: unknown_err; value: 0 
** Parse error in dep_120.xml 
** Thrown by () in this process 
[0.000000] /home/slhernane/simgrid-3.5/src/xbt/ex.c:146: [xbt_ex/CRITICAL] Parse error in dep_120.xml 
Here is my file: 

<?xml version='1.0'?> 
<!DOCTYPE platform SYSTEM "simgrid.dtd"> 
<platform version="3"> 
<AS id="AS0" routing="Full"> 

<process host='gdx-1.orsay.grid5000.fr' function='server'> 
<argument value="Ressource_A:2222:131072"/> 

<process host='gdx-2.orsay.grid5000.fr' function='client_2'> 
<argument value='gdx-1.orsay.grid5000.fr'/> 
<argument value='2222'/> 


Thank for help 
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