[Simgrid-user] Parsing problem on simgrid-3.5

Frédéric suter frederic.suter at cc.in2p3.fr
Thu Jan 20 09:18:50 CET 2011

> The <AS> tag is used only when you describe your platform (i.e in your 
> platform's file)
> So, since it's a deployment XML file, the <AS>  tag has nothing to do 
> here ;)

The problem is that someone having "old" deployment file (i.e., in 
version="2") will be asked to update them through this message:

** ******* BIG FAT WARNING *********
  You're using an old XML file.
Use simgrid_update_xml to update your file automatically. This program 
is installed automatically with SimGrid, or available in the tools/ 
directory of the source archive.

But applying this script to a deployment file will automatically add an 
<AS> tag (that has nothing to do here ;)).

Pierre (or someone else), is there a way to detect that a XML file 
comprises only deployment tags?


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