[Simgrid-user] Excessive Memory Use

Wagner Kolberg wkolberg at inf.ufrgs.br
Sun Jul 24 23:29:59 CEST 2011


> Thanks for using SimGrid. Propeling actual science is the whole
> purpose of our work, which you prove useful. That's great.

And thank you for providing it! ;)

> For SIMIX_process_empty_trash(), I'll fix it in the git tomorrow. I'll
> also try to see if I can understand why task_cancel was raising the
> impossible exception. This exception is a bug marker that you
> shouldn't swallow in your code. I'd appreciate if you could report the
> next time that you're getting it so that we can fix it. I may come
> back to you at some point to check my fix for task_cancel.

Absolutely, I'll keep you posted. And you can contact me directly
through my e-mail if you want. I'm glad to help in any way I can.

> As for non blocking communications, it's clear that spawning a new
> process is quite a lot of work for the simulator where running an
> asyncronous communication is really really (really) cheap. I wouldn't
> be suprised if told that the performance ratio is about or even over
> 1000-1 between these operations.
> If run time is not limiting for your simulations so far and if
> emptying the process trash works for you, you can certainly continue
> that way, but if time become limitating at some point, that's
> certainly the feature that you want to leverage to solve your issue.
> That's maybe not trivial to use, and certainly awfully
> underdocumented, but it really helped us for the chord example.

I'll start these modifications in my code on Monday, for sure.


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