[Simgrid-user] Excessive Memory Use

Wagner Kolberg wkolberg at inf.ufrgs.br
Mon Jul 25 17:33:54 CEST 2011


> The trash of old processes is now cleaned during the simulation (as it
> should be), by calling SIMIX_process_empty_trash() automatically after
> each time step and not only at the end of the simulation.

Great! I've already tested, and it's working perfectly.

> For MSG_task_cancel(), we guess you have an exception because you may
> have called it with a task that was not running (i.e. not started yet
> or already finished). But this was a little bit restrictive, and we
> have just changed this behavior. Now, MSG_task_cancel() can be called
> with a non-running task and nothing happens: the function just returns

Yes, that's exactly the case. My simulation can call MSG_task_cancel()
before, during, or even after MSG_task_execute().

I was calling both functions inside try/catch blocks to deal with
these situations. Obviously, it doesn't seem to be the best

So now, if I cancel a task that is not running, I won't get any
exception. Awesome! I haven't tested this modification yet. I still
have a question: What will happen when I finally call
MSG_task_execute(), if the task was already canceled? Will simgrid
simulate the task execution, or ignore it?

> I hope it helps.
> Cheers,
> Christophe

It helps a lot! Thanks guys.


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