[Simgrid-user] SIGSEGV using simgrid-3.6.2 and cluster

Lucas Schnorr lucas.schnorr at imag.fr
Wed Nov 9 11:31:18 CET 2011

Hi Cristian,

On 09/11/11 11:12, Cristian KLEIN wrote:
> One last question related to this issue. Could you tell me, if one is
> allowed to send messages in a "fire-and-forget" manner, i.e. in an
> asynchronous manner without waiting?

Yes, you are talking about the MSG_task_dsend function. It was 
introduced in the 3.6 series version of SimGrid. Its complete 
documentation is available here:


Keep in mind that the third parameter is only called if the 
communication fails. If it does work, it is responsibility of the 
receiver code to free anything related to the task.

> Unfortunately, my original problem (that of losing messages) is not
> solved by this. However, I have been able to produce another example
> which triggers it. Since this is a completely different issue, I will
> start a different thread.

Ok, we will be waiting for that. Bug reports are always welcomed. ;-)


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