[Simgrid-user] (start | kill)_time attribute for process element

Etienne Michon etienne.michon at etu.unistra.fr
Wed Apr 4 15:48:04 CEST 2012

I am using the Java binding for MSG API. While I was looking intop the
simgrid DTD for the deployment XML file (
http://simgrid.gforge.inria.fr/simgrid.dtd), I saw that the process element
could have a start_time and a kill_time attribute. I tried to add it to the
BasicTest in the example delivered with this binding. However, even if I
apply these attributes on the process tag of the Master element or the
Slave elements, nothing seems to change. Can someone help me to figure out
the aim of these attributes ?

Etienne Michon
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