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Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Fri Apr 6 23:38:57 CEST 2012

This is a java issue, not a simgrid one. You should search on the
internet or ask a friend about how to solve your issue, and come back
to us when you face issues that are specific to simgrid.

Good luck, and see you in a while,

On Fri, Apr 06, 2012 at 07:29:14PM +0100, Khouzami Nesrine wrote:
> Thank you for your response.
> In fact I want to create my own example in java, I made a copy of the directory "basic" which I named "mybasic" and I changed as well the name of tha package basic in all java files by mybasic. By making the execution of the main class BasicTest, the terminal shows me the error "Exception in thread" main "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError". I know this is a CLASSPATH problem but I could not  solve it, that's why I wanted the steps needed to make my own java example.
> Nesrine 
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> On Fri, Apr 06, 2012 at 06:19:19PM +0100, Khouzami Nesrine wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am a beginner with simgrid, I was able to run the master/slave
> > example in simgrid-java. Now I want to create my own example, I didn't
> > find a tutorial to follow in java (there is in C). So I will be so
> > grateful if someone can give the steps to create my own code in Java.
> There is no such thing unfortunately. The advised way of learning to
> use simgrid is to modify the examples, and see how it goes. Moreover,
> most of the C documentation is relevant to the Java context. The
> platforms and other xml files are rigourously the same. Then for the
> functions, the Java methods have names that are very similar to their
> C counterpart. For example msg_task_send in C is Task.send in Java.
> If you give some details about what exactly you find difficult we
> could maybe try to help you and/or improve the documentation on that
> point.
> Thanks for your interest, and good luck.
> Mt.
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