[Simgrid-user] Simulate a Centralized Broker

Ghislain Charrier ghislain.charrier at inria.fr
Tue Jan 24 14:57:48 CET 2012


To answer your question: Yes, Simgrid can help you simulate the broker 
you described.

However, as you pointed out, Simbatch is quite old and not maintained 
anymore. Furthermore, it does not support SLA. You'd have to implement 
it yourself. Maybe there is a new Simgrid module to simulate batch 
schedulers since Simbatch was written.

I only know the MSG API, so I won't advice you for MSG or SimDAG. I'll 
let the others give you recommendations.


On 01/24/2012 02:39 PM, maillists at kfpc.de wrote:
> Hello SimGrid-Users,
> i'm new to SimGrid. I have already read the FAQ and the tutorial paper.
> I have to write a simulation for an already designed centralized
> Resource Broker. This Resource Broker gets on the one hand
> DAGs/workflows on the other hand independent jobs (e.g. a workload
> trace) as input from several users (poisson distributed). The broker
> handles the input and has to find an matching grid resource who has
> enough resources. The input of independent jobs and workflows should be
> assigned to the resources in such a way that the time between submission
> and completion will be minimized. Also the simulated resources should
> provide advanced reservation (AR) and service level agreement (SLA).
> My question is, can SimGrid help me to simulate the upper described
> Broker/Metascheduler or parts from it (maybe the grid-resources). I have
> found some infos about SimBatch which uses SimGrid, but the last version
> is old (2007) and needs an outdated SimGrid version. Also is SimDag or
> the MSG the right API for me?
> Thank's for your help.
> Patrick
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