[SimGrid-user] Error with state files

Arnaud Legrand arnaud.legrand at imag.fr
Wed Aug 21 23:35:49 CEST 2013

Hi Wagner,

sorry for the very long delay in answering.

Le 13/06/2013 20:45, Wagner Kolberg a écrit :
> I have a simulation for a master/worker architecture, and I'm trying to
> use state files to simulate failures in the worker nodes. Also, in my
> simulation, the main process of each worker spawns other processes.
> - The problem occurs when the main worker process tries to spawn the
> other ones, using MSG_process_create(). When I try to do that, I get a
> warning saying that it is not possible to launch the process on a failed
> host... Although the host is actually ON.

The problem was much worse and it was a complete mess but your simple 
example really helped pointing out what was wrong. Hopefully, this mess
should now be fixed in commit b7726f2e9e252f8442b008a34bca31716c3b6c6b.
Please, let me now if everything is now back into order.



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