[SimGrid-user] Someone modeled µTP?

Damian Vicino damian.vicino at inria.fr
Fri Feb 8 11:37:41 CET 2013

Thanks for the friendly welcome :)
I'm working for the CNRS in a project where we need to model BitTorrent transfer traffic.
I have experience working with the BitTorrent protocol in real world and did some modeling in CD++ for it once (a DEvS simulator), anyway this is my first attempt to simulate it in SG.
My plan is to firstly model the uTP/UDP and try to do some validation work for it comparing against libutp, and secondly I will model the BitTorrent strategies over it.
For the BitTorrent part I dont expect it to have much difference compared with the CD++ version since it is written also in C and it tries to mimic the 6 BT strategies of pieces/peers selection for the transfers, so most the work may happen in the uTP layer for me.
I noticed that the simulations were working on TCP, but I didn't found an example of something working with UDP, can you point me to some code or doc to see how to start with it?
Also, I read that NS3 can be used as alternative engine for the network layer simulation, do you think it may be a good idea to use it to simulate the uTP part of the simulation?
Thanks in advance, 

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> On Thu, Feb 07, 2013 at 11:22:08AM +0100, Damian Vicino wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I started modeling in SimGrid a few days ago.
> Great! Welcome on board.
> > I'm trying to model some P2P stuff and was wondering if someone
> > already modeled µTP?
> I don't think so. That's interesting; what kind of studies do you
> plan
> to do with that model? You must be aware that the default model
> settings are intended to mimick TCP. You may want to switch to
> something mimicking UDP for µTP.
> Please tell us a bit more about your plans so that we can more
> effectively guide you around until you get full speed.
> Bye, Mt
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