[SimGrid-user] Storage only in hosts

Borja Bergua borjilla at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 14:15:52 CET 2013


2013/2/8 Arnaud Legrand <arnaud.legrand at imag.fr>

> If storage entities can only be mounted on hosts, is there something I
>> could do to use a disk in a cluster (I mean that each node of a cluster
>> has access to its own disk)?
> Actually, you can create a storage and attach it to several hosts. It will
> be shared but somehow magically since access will not imply any usage of
> the network... So when creating a cluster with storages I guess people will
> want both options. Either local disks or shared disk.

I agree that people will want both sometime.

> So in summary, the functionality only needs to be implemented in the
> parser but all the internal logic is already there. If you have time, we
> could explain how to do that. The only other person I think about and that
> may have time for doing this is Pierre Veyre from Lyon but we should check
> this with him. In any case, you can join us on the SimGrid IRC channel to
> chat about this (#simgrid on irc.oftc.net).

Great. If that only needs to be implemented in the parser, that sounds
easier than hacking deeper parts of SimGrid. I will take a look, and see if
it is feasible for me to do it (maybe mimicing the implicit links in
clusters). Are there some guide on how to modify/extend the parser?

Best regards,
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