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- The "core= "(no s) parameter should work for cluster tag. If not, it's a bug.
- This option is only relevant if your system actually executes the computation. As this time is benched, we need to know the ratio power of the simulating node/power of the simulated node to provide accurate results. In the case of replay, we use time-independant traces, which only account for the number of instructions performed. The simulating node is irrelevant here, so its power is ignored. Only the simulated node power is used to convert the number of instructions into time. 

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Thank you for your answer Augustin, i have also 2 questions.

How can I set the number of cores of cluster hosts ? I know there is cores=”n” when we declare a single host, i’ve tried it in the cluster tag but it did not worked.

Is the option “--cfg=smpi/running_power” important ? I tried with 1Gf and 1000Gf but i obteined the same simulation time, and as I have to set it to be able to start a simulation, i wonder to what i’m supposed to set it.

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