[SimGrid-user] Invitation to the next SimGrid User Days

Martin Quinson martin.quinson at loria.fr
Sun Apr 27 13:09:29 CEST 2014

Dear all,

Please consider the following invitation, and circulate it to every
interested parties. 

The 4th edition of the SimGrid User Days will take place this year
from June 2th to June 6th in Le Bono, in Brittany, France. This will
be a working workshop, with only few and well focused presentations to
save time for live interactions between participants (and for coding

It will gather the whole SimGrid community, that is, core developers
as well as new beginners with the idea of encouraging everyone to work
on their own pet project in good settings.  If you plan to use SimGrid
for your own research (or even extend SimGrid) but struggle with some
implementation details, you may want to join us and benefit of our
mentoring. You naturally remain the only author of your work: we offer
our technical assistance to help you getting the most out of SimGrid,
and only hope to get valuable feedback in return.

In practice, we will shortly present the project to the new
participants on the first day, organize specific tutorial sessions
with interested participants. Possible topics include how to use
SimGrid for MPI codes or Cloud simulations, or how to model-check your
application with SimGrid, or visualize the simulation results
efficiently.  The rest of the time (or all of it if you don't need our
tutorials) will be devoted to hacking on your own project under the
mentoring of team members. About 15 of us will be there to assist you.

Does it sound like a plan? You want to join? Then, simply describe
your planed work in a few informal paragraphs, and send an email to
simgrid-user-days at lists.gforge.inria.fr You may want to attach some
previous articles and/or presentations introducing your research
context, but this is not mandatory.

If selected, you will get invited to the event for five days. We even
pay for your housing and food here. You just have to pay for your
travel to Vannes in Brittany, France. While there is an "airport" in
Vannes, the easiest way to get there is to take a train from Paris
Montparnasse. There are trains leaving Paris at 7AM, 10AM, noon, and
3PM and arriving in Vannes 3,5 hours later. To ease the logistics we
plan to organize a grouped transportation from Vannes to the final
destination leaving at 6:45PM on Monday, June 2nd. On Friday, a
grouped transportation to Vannes will be organized as well so that
people can catch a train back to Paris. 

The exact location is there: http://www.domaine-abbatiales.com/ in a
place called "Le Bono" (as in the U2 singer, easy to remember). Please
come back to us before buying your ticket, as we would like to group
the arrivals to limit the number of trips between Vannes and Le Bono
as much as possible.

The process is open to everyone, so why don't you just describe the
experiment you are currently trying to setup with SimGrid and come do
it with us? We have only about 20 places available, and we are willing
to grant the best proposal we get on a first come, first served basis.
So don't hesitate anymore and drop us an email to discuss your

Important dates:
 - 5 May: Application deadlines (loose deadline, but FCFS policy!)
 - 2-6 June: The event takes place

We hope to see you in Le bono,

The SimGrid team.
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