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Dear Soumaya,

Rescheduling failed tasks is possible with SimDag. You can find a small 
example in examples/simdags/sd_fail.c that illustrates this. However, 
this small example won't completely answer your question as it is very 
static. If you want your simulation to react to a task failure you have to :

1) Create a watch point on the FAILED state for each task: 
SD_task_watch(task, SD_FAILED);
2) Make your scheduler reacts to these watchpoints.
     a) The simulation will be hold each time a watchpoint is reached. 
Then you have to have a simulation loop as in 
examples/simdag/scheduling/minmin_test.c (line 306).
     b) do something specific for the tasks in the "changed" dynar whose 
state is SD_FAILED (i.e., reschedule them). Unfortunately, there is no 
example for that, but you could find some inspiration in the 
get_ready_tasks function (called on line 308 and define on lines 69 to 
85 of minmin_test.c). The basic idea is to browse the dynar of tasks 
whose state has changed, find those whose state is failed (with 
SD_task_get_state(task)) and then take whatever decision you want.

One last comment. you said " as soon as the first scheduling of this 
task is completed". If by this you mean "as soon as we detect the 
failure of this task", then what is above should be useful. Otherwise, 
more details about what you want to do should be given.



Le 15/05/2015 13:05, Soumaya Boumaiza a écrit :
> Hello,
> I work under Simgrid/simdag
> I want to implement an algorithm that re-schedule tasks (from DAGs) 
> that are already scheduled with FAILED (due to unavailability of 
> machines).
> The re-scheduling of the task must be done as soon as the first 
> scheduling of this task is completed (We don't expect the end of the 
> simulation of other tasks).
> can I do with Simgrid? how?
> thank you
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